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I hope you are all enjoying a wonderful, Christmas celebration with your family this week!  If you are a sponsor of an Arm of Hope child, I want you to know that your sponsorship money made it possible for your child to celebrate Christmas as well!  Dressed in their Christmas best, this day is the […]

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The Arm of Hope third annual banquet took place on October 20, and it was truly an amazing night! Even though I knew exactly what was going to take place and what was going to be said, I found myself on the edge of my seat with eyes riveted to the stage. I was just […]

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I am writing today to remind you that the third annual Arm of Hope banquet is coming up in just a couple of days!  We have more people in attendance than ever before!  The room will be packed!  The barbecue is underway, a team of helpers is in place, decorations and paper products are piling […]

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